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Making the Shot: Election Night in Berkeley, Part 1

By now many of you have probably seen the Daily Cal photos and slideshows, as well as the election issue front cover.  Election night was an all streetlamp-lit night photography affair, which is pretty much the pinnacle of low-light difficulty (unless you were to cover news by moonlight, I suppose).  Combined with all of the fast-paced action, it made for one of the more challenging shoots in my favorite specialty area.

Members of the public watch a broadcast of Senator Barack Obama's victory speech at the IGS Library in Moses Hall

Members of the public watch a broadcast of Senator Barack Obama's victory speech at the IGS Library in Moses Hall

Part 1: Results Viewing at Moses Hall

I had classes throughout the day on Tuesday, so the first event I caught was the viewing party for members of the public (mostly Cal Dems) at the Institute of Government Studies (IGS) at Moses Hall.  There was a large screen set up inside the IGS library, where a crowd of mostly tepid adults were watching.  I stayed here for a few minutes, but it quickly became apparent that this was probably the least energetic group of election results viewers in the entire city – the entire crowd sat throughout the broadcast in absolutely silence, without a single cheer or handclap as each of the states in the presidential race were called.  Meanwhile, the group of students watching under an outdoor tent set up in the courtyard between Moses and Stephens Hall were letting out whoops and hollers that could be heard through the windows, so I decided to head out there in hopes of catching a little more enthusiasm.


Believe It

Daily Cal Special Elections Cover

Daily Cal Special Elections Cover

Haven’t updated this in awhile – I’ve been fairly busy with work and school.  A couple of nights ago was the United States 2008 election, which resulted in a fair bit of excitement here in Berkeley.  I covered a portion of it, mostly the results viewing and reaction later on in the night.

Some interesting “Making the Shot” posts to come, including on the front page photo here, which was a mess color and noise-wise previous to processing.

But with the right tools, photos can still end up looking fantastic despite being shot at IS6400 and cropped to 6MP.

In the meantime, check out some of the slideshows on the Daily Cal website for more photos by our fine photography staff.