For the Love of Code – Hackathon 2009

That last Election post is coming… for now here’s a quick link to a slideshow I worked on over the long and lonely Valentine’s weekend, documenting the Hackathon competition, which is an all-night coding marathon that EECS participate in instead of Valentine’s Day.

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2 Responses to “For the Love of Code – Hackathon 2009”

  1. Skyler says:

    I saw this on Daily Cal slideshow page. Really fantastic images, but I have one problem: NAMES GOD DAMMIT! WHY ARE THERE NO NAMES?! THEY’RE FUCKING STATIONARY IN FRONT OF COMPUTERS! WHAT WOULD IT TAKE TO GET THEIR GODDAM NAMES?!

    Rant over. Really great pictures. Nice way to capture the event. In some way I’m glad you got stuck with the Valentine’s day weekend shift, because I’m not sure anyone else would’ve come away with quite those pictures. Love the one of the person actually passed out on her laptop. An Santa Claus.

    But still: NAMES!

    Good pictures.

    (Wow, bipolar much?)

  2. Nathan Yan says:

    Hahahaha Skyler. You’re absolutely right about this. I originally was just taking some snapshots on my own and wasn’t planning to make this into a Daily Cal thing. Somewhere in the process I decided to go more all-out and document the thing, but I was just being super-lazy and not bothering to pick up cutline info =/. I definitely should get yelled at for that.

    On a related note, I did end up picking up most of the cutline info here and there from various sources after the fact. I’ll probably create an updated version of this with more complete cutline.

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